Avocado Toast Variations

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Avocados. It's not a subversive edgy opinion- basically everyone loves them. It's actually a trend at this point. The way everyone went bananas for bacon and there were bacon band-aides and bacon cupcakes and bacon smoothies-- now the avocado is getting the same treatment. Unlike the gross bacon band-aide thing, this is an overdone trend I can get behind.

Recently a rich dickhead included avocado toast among the reasons why millennials can't afford houses. The jerk in question cites a price of $19 for the avocado toast he imagines millennials are blowing their budgets on but the average I've seen is about half that. Still, I wouldn't pay $9.50 for some avocado toast either. BUT lucky for all of us we don't have to! Just make it at home and it will cost you far less and you will have control over what's actually on there.

It's very simple:

  1. Make some toast.- I like whole wheat or 9 grain. Suit yourself.

  2. Cut open and smush up an avocado

  3. Spread it on the toast

  4. Season to taste- This is where you can get a little fun.

I like to add cut up grape tomatoes and fresh basil from my window garden:


Or sardines and sriracha- As inspired by Alton Brown's episode of Good Eats where he explains how he lost a bunch of weight without starving himself:

Definitely go for boneless if you’re like me. I cannot be dealing with bones…

Definitely go for boneless if you’re like me. I cannot be dealing with bones…

Alton's recipe is pretty different than mine but it was my inspiration to try these weird tinned fish with avocado. His recipe is a bit more complicated; I just throw some boneless skinless sardines (packed in water) on top of my avocado and smush it a little with cracked pepper and sriracha.

Either way you are getting a delicious snack packed with those good Omega 3's. Who even needs a house?

Sometimes just a little ground pepper and cumin is all you need.

Amanda McCall