Conditioning Week 6 - Last week of the original plan - June 23-29

Last week I started feeling stronger and found myself doing way more than the minimums and this week has been the same. I am still going to put this week’s post up against my original conditioning plan but starting next week I’m going to be laying out a new plan for July (the last Month of conditioning before TRAINING for realsies starts). I’ll do a separate post with the new plan for July and then weekly recaps in accordance. The basic take away here is that I am stepping it. the fuck. UP. It’s also clear that I cannot run or walk for time. It’s just not a thing for me. Even all this time when I was supposed to be aiming for time truly I’ve been clocking distance. This has worked fine since I’ve been surpassing the time minimums but I need to be real about what motivates me to go faster.

Run / Walk at least 45 minutes at least 4 days— ‎✔‎✔‎✔‎‎✔‎✔‎

5 days babyyyyy….

Tuesday Step Count: 11,139- Hill and stair sprints

Wednesday Step Count: 14,131- Hills and stairs again

Thursday Step Count: 10,034 - Hills and stairs again

Friday Step Count: 14,718 - Hills and stairs again

Sunday Step Count: 14,930 - Boardwalking at Coney Island

Mindful eating and sobriety at least 6 days—‎ ✔✔✔✔✔

Okay Imma get real… I don’t really know. I did not keep track like I’ve been doing so I have to rely on my memory. I am pretty sure I get 5 checks. The new plan for July def is not going to require me to keep track of this shit.

I did eat some beautiful summer foods though:

unnamed (1).jpg

Workouts — ‎ ✔‎


Amanda McCall