Conditioning Week 3

Week 3 Minimum Requirements:

This week requires Run/Walking in the morning, with minimal running. I’ve chosen to focus on hill sprints and stairs for this.

I also wrote in my plan outline that soup was my at home cooking go-to but when I wrote that it was still kinda cold out. Somehow when I am cold or hot (or happy or sad or sick or whatever else) I believe that I will feel that way forever even if I KNOW that isn’t true. Anyway, soup is not really what I want when it’s hot. Instead I basically just want to live off of guacamole and black beans all summer. Avocado toast and wraps made with cabbage and avocado and various other avocado based foods. That’s all I feel like making and it’s also all I feel like eating. This has worked well for me in the past so get ready for a lot of avocado related food posts coming at you.

June 2-8

Run / Walk at least 30 minutes at least 3 days— ‎✔‎✔‎✔‎

On Sunday I ordered a small commuter backpack to make incorporating running into my daily commute easier on me. I’ll be doing a gear review if it works out like I hope it will, but for now, I commute to work with a backpack not suitable to run with (although it was designed as a stylish gym bag by Sweaty Betty). It’s too big and doesn’t fit snugly so there is way too much bouncing around. I also have a tendency to fill any bag I carry to capacity.

That means this week’s run/walking is still my standard walk to the Q stop that’s a touch over 4 miles away (far surpassing the minimum 30 minutes), but the running part I’ve focused on all the hills and stairs I come across in the park. Week 4 I’ll step up the running to walking ratio with my backpack plan.


Sunday Step Count: 13,415 + Running Hills and Stairs

Tuesday Step Count: 14,836 + Running Hills and Stairs

Wednesday Step Count: 15,081 + Running Hills and Stairs

Mindful eating and sobriety at least 6 days—‎ ✔✔✔✔✔

All good! I will say that I went HAM day 1 of week 4 week 3 was totally solid! a great week. I feel inspired for the coming week as well.

Workouts — ‎ ✔✔


I also got a lovely facial and deep tissue massage because I had so many credits left on Class Pass and didn’t think I could use them before the cycle ended since I’ll be out of town this weekend. This is the second month I’ve found I had too many credits as my Class Pass cycle was coming to an end so I decided to also downgrade my package to the mid-range now that Summer is here and working out outside is more appealing.

Amanda McCall