Conditioning Week 1

Week 1 Minimum Requirements:

Easing in with a pretty low bar for success. May 19-25; I’ll spare you a breakdown of every day and focus instead on the metrics:

Walk at least 30 minutes at least 3 days— ‎✔‎✔‎✔‎

In general I accomplish this with walking to a particularly far subway stop in the morning. The closest stop is .8 miles away from home, the second closest about 2 miles, third closest is about 3, and the furthest on that line in Brooklyn is about 4 miles. I’ve been making it a point to go to the furthest, but even if I go to the second furthest I’ll have hit this minimum.

I’m noting total step counts for the days I’ve hit this metric although those steps reflect more than the walk that checks this box.

Sunday Step Count: 18,204

Wednesday Step Count: 16,538

Saturday Step Count: 16,118

Mindful eating and sobriety at least 6 days—‎ ✔✔✔✔✔✔

This one is going to be a yes for the week. I’ll make note if anything particularly good or bad happens.

Workouts — ‎ ✔✔

Muddy Princess Run! Sunday 5/19


I’ll be posting a review of this obstacle race soon to be linked here but for now I’ll just say that I loved this race much more than I expected to and had a blast. I swore I was not going to wear a tutu… but I’m a sucker for a team uniform…

Cut Up a Couch with a Hacksaw and Brought it Down from my 3rd Floor Walk-up Friday 5/24

Yes this counts as a workout! It only took me around 2 hours but it was pretty intense.

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Amanda McCall