Conditioning Week 4

Week 4— June 9-15 - Minimum Requirements:

This week I added a day to the Run/Walking requirements from last week and while my original intention was to increase the running to walking ratio, I did the opposite as I allowed a pain in my calf to abate. Rest is crucial and running through injury is unwise so rather than make it worse and knock myself out of the game for even longer, I dialed back the intensity this week after the first running day.

Run / Walk at least 30 minutes at least 4 days— ‎✔‎✔‎✔‎‎✔‎

Sunday I got matching tattoos with my sister and sister-in-law so I spent most of the day either laying on a table being tattooed or in a car travelling back up to Baltimore where my parents live.

unnamed (1).jpg

Monday was a bus travel day so not many miles covered then either. That left me cutting it pretty close on my 4 day requirement. Then on Tuesday night I ran the Building Brooklyn 5K! While my overall time was over my goal of under 35, there is a reason most 5Ks are scheduled in the morning, so I’ll give myself a break. I began the race kicking myself for eating too big a lunch too late in the day. Despite my full stomach and period cramps I did feel pretty good going in and my mood was high and light— even when I got a charley horse in my left calf within the first 100 yards of the race. I ran through it and it resolved itself but as always, the next day my calf felt as if there was a deep interior bruise. This happens to me ever time I get a bad charley horse during a workout and have to push through it. In the next few days as I walk around I feel a dull ache and a heaviness in that spot. Every step I take reminds me of the feeling of having a roll of quarters in the pocket of a loose fitting garment. Not terrible, but not something I want to ignore.

Tuesday Step Count: 19,154 - Building Brooklyn 5K 37:09

Thursday Step Count: 12,256 - More walking than running due to calf pain

Friday Step Count: - 9,726 - Eased up further due to pain but still walked additional miles

Saturday Step Count: - 10,126 - Pain Free!! YAY

Mindful eating and sobriety at least 6 days—‎ ✔✔✔✔✔✔

Pretty good overall. I had the best borscht during the week and it’s inspired me to try to make it. This might be the summer soup of my dreams. Gazpacho isn’t really my scene because I always just wanna dip chips in it or pour vodka in it. Like… why is it not salsa or a bloody mary? But borscht… well, I don’t want to change a thing about this magical cold soup. My recipe here.

Workouts — ‎ ✔


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