March Challenge: Getting Started

In my last post I said I’d be starting a challenge for March wherein I would need to do *something* every day along with some other requirements. So now it’s March, and of course, I’m sick, but that’s no reason not to begin a challenge. I’ll tack on two days to the end to make up for the 1st and 2nd of the month where I was too under the weather to do anything. Day one is today, Sunday the 3rd.

So here are the rules:

  1. Do something every day that one could classify as intentional exercise. That can be a class (yoga, spin, rowing, etc.), a run that is at least one mile, or a walk that is at least 2 miles (no stopping for lunch in the middle, 2 continuous miles), or a video. I’ll be focusing on yoga this month but any of the things I listed count.

  2. I must take the stairs at the office (better find that key card).

  3. I must take a walk at lunch during the week.

  4. I must NOT eat any of the dumb snacks we stock in the office (fruit is not a dumb snack and dumb snacks that I have purchased are fine but no more eating trash just because it’s free. I am not a billy goat.)

  5. No more than two drinks on any given night.

Because of being sick I decided to ease into the challenge by starting a video series on Amazon Prime: Couch to Confident. It’s a 14 day yoga program with each workout clocking in between 20 and 30 minutes. You can also find these videos on Youtube if you’re not a Prime person.

Day 1 has been a success. These videos are deceptively challenging but also short so it’s a kind of perfect way to ease into this without having to leave my apartment while my head is all full of germs.

I’ve also begun this month by giving myself the punk rock haircut of my 11th grade self’s dreams and giving my bedroom a makeover to be more conducive to restorative sleep and creativity. Sometimes a makeover and change in environment can make all the difference in getting out of a slump. That girl with the ratty hair and messy room was the one sitting around being a slob and slacking on her workouts, not me, not the well-rested punk goddess with the beautifully decorated bedroom.

2019-02-26 (1).jpg

Amanda McCall