Conditioning Week 2

Week 2 Minimum Requirements:

This week I added a day to the walking requirements. Next week begins run/walking! May 26-31 and June 1st.

Walk at least 30 minutes at least 4 days— ‎✔‎✔‎✔‎✔

Still making that 4 mile walk to work most days surpassing the minimum and now I’m starting to plan for what will make turning these walks into runs easy on me. I think i need a small backpack that fits snugly so I can bring what i need to work (including a change of clothes and my laptop) while incorporating a run into my commute. I’m used to carrying kind of a lot of shit with me all the time so I’m really assessing what I can eliminate.

Sunday Step Count: 16,126

Monday Step Count: 16,572

Friday Step Count: 20,802

Saturday Step Count: 18,138

New shoes for training! <3

New shoes for training! <3

Mindful eating and sobriety at least 6 days—‎ ✔✔✔✔

Had two drinks at film club on Tuesday forgetting that because of the three day weekend I’d already spent two drinks on Monday at the Movies. Oops. I also enjoyed a celebratory/farewell cocktail hour with my friend Beca who is departing from the company off to pursue her dreams elsewhere. I don’t regret it and my food choices were on point every day. I’m still cool with this week but I’ll need to be more strict in weeks to come

Workouts — ‎ ✔✔

Yoga Sunday 5/26

Put Together a New Couch! Thursday 5/30

So many throw pillows…

So many throw pillows…

Amanda McCall