Hot Toddy

This recipe is very simple and given that it’s a cocktail, not really a healthy recipe aside from a whole lot of lemon juice… so… not really running related aside from the fact that running during winter blows and sometimes you need something warm to come home to to get you through an icy run.

I worked for 8 years as a bartender and while there are many wonderful, fancy, elaborate versions of the hot toddy, this one is simple and effective and my favorite. Some people use tea, but in general I find that it’s unnecessary if you’re using a quality spiced rum or a flavorful whiskey.

1 1/2 oz rum - I like Kracken or Sailor Jerry - Whiskey will also do.

The Juice of one whole lemon - fresh squeezed (this is important, don’t fuck around with lemon juice from a plastic lemon)

Small hunk of fresh cut ginger - again, fresh cut is key.

One lemon round with one or two whole cloves stuck through it. - This method allows the cloves to infuse the drink but prevents you from having a bunch of fucking cloves in the bottom of your drink.

Honey - a big squirt, probably a bit less than a tablespoon

Hot water

Put all that in a mug, stir it up (gently so as to not disturb your cloves from the lemon round), and drink it.

Amanda McCall